A veterinary health certificate is required and must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days prior to departure. It must include the following:

  • ISO microchip
  • Number of your pet
  • Your pet’s details, breed, color, and date of birth
  • Treatment for internal parasites of your pet (if applicable)
  • Rabies blood test results (if applicable)
  • Veterinary authorization
  • Detailed explanation of your pet’s rabies vaccination
  1. Vaccine manufacturer and name
  2. Date of administration
  3. Expiration date

If you are exporting your pet from Hong Kong, you may present an official health certificate or a government veterinary health certificate issued by a registered veterinarian.

  •  Applicants must submit their application for animal health certificate to the department using the prescribed PDF e-Form for animal health certificatespdfe-Form, which can be obtained free of charge by downloading the animal health certificate template at the following address. (Please note that you will need Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader to view animal health certificate pdf files; you can download Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader at http://www.adobe.com.)
  •  Upon submission of the completed application form, all relevant fees should be paid in accordance with the prices listed in the fee schedule.
  •  For applications requiring additional endorsement on the health certificate, please provide the duly completed pet health certificate (generally issued within 10 days prior to departure or as agreed upon by the destination country/region), vaccination certificates, or other relevant documents.
  •  The issuance of official pet health certificate for travel is only applicable to certain animals or countries/regions (referring to countries/regions that require official veterinary inspection of animals upon entry). Prior to issuing an official health certificate for cat and health certificate for dogs, the animals in question must undergo inspection by personnel appointed by the department.
  •  For applications regarding the issuance of official vet health certificate, applicants must make an appointment with the department at least ten working days before the expected examination of the animal.

If you are interested in using our services, you can fill out our quotation request form, providing us with relevant information about your pet’s travel, to assist in arranging your personal pet relocation plan. If you have any further inquiries or concerns, you can send us your information (Contact Us) or directly reach our professional consultant via WhatsApp at +852 6358 3131.

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PET TRAVEL · Providing Professional Pet Immigration Services

Pet owners who intend to immigrate often want to take their pets out of Hong Kong. While it is possible to handle the pet immigration process independently, the procedures for importing and exporting pets can be complex and time-consuming. Pet owners without experience often struggle to understand how to obtain a pet passport, fill out the application form of health certificate for pet, or manage pet vaccination records. In the event of mistakes or errors in the pet’s departure process from Hong Kong or incorrect administration of import/export vaccines, not only can the pet’s departure from Hong Kong be unsuccessful, but it can also jeopardize the pet’s safety and health, and may even result in quarantine for the pet.

Undoubtedly, your time and energy are precious, and professional matters should be entrusted to professionals to ensure a successful outcome. Therefore, when handling pet immigration procedures, it is best to seek assistance from a reliable and professional pet immigration agency to guarantee a seamless process for importing and exporting your pet. PET TRAVEL is the ideal choice for you – a professional, caring, and cost-effective pet immigration service company based in Hong Kong.

Pet Travel specializes in handling pet immigration procedures, including providing a model animal health certificate for the non-commercial movement, with reasonable service prices and absolutely no hidden fees. With our extensive experience in pet immigration, we can assist you in relocating your cats and dogs to any country. Pet Travel provides personalized and considerate services, understanding both the concerns of pet owners and the well-being of your pets. Ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets during the immigration process, as well as providing the necessary documentation such as the model animal health certificate for the non-commercial movement, is our top priority. With professionalism comes security, and with security comes the peace of mind to entrust your pet’s departure matters from Hong Kong to Pet Travel.

Pet Travel can handle the following pet immigration services for you:

  • Determine the best method and route for you and your beloved pet’s immigration plan.
  • Provide IATA-approved pet crates to ensure the safe transportation of your pets.
  • Arrange pick-up and drop-off services for your pets from your specified location.
  • Handle all pet travel and pet immigration documents on your behalf.
  • Coordinate and process all pet departure and arrival documents.
  • Arrange pet vaccinations, health checks, and provide the appropriate health certificates for cats and health certificates for dogs, as well as vaccination records.
  • Assist in obtaining pet passports, booking airline tickets, and facilitating pet cargo procedures.
  • Reserve rest stops at major airports, if permitted.
  • Assist with animal immigration customs clearance at your destination.

The process of immigrating with pets:

In general, the entire process of immigrating with pets takes approximately 3-6 months, depending on the destination country and the health condition of the pets. Below, PET TRAVEL provides a detailed overview of the specific steps and procedures involved in pet immigration:

  1.  Implanting a pet microchip.
  2. Administering vaccination
  3. Other internal and external treatments as required.
  4. Providing vaccination records (pet vaccination card).
  5. Issuing an animal health cert, specific to each pet, including a cat health certificate or a dog health certificate.
  6. Obtaining an animal immigration import permit (applicable to specific countries/regions).
  7. Conducting blood tests (required in certain countries/regions).
  8. Arranging for quarantine upon arrival (applicable to specific countries/regions).
  9. Obtaining a dog license (required in certain countries/regions).
  10. Completing the captain’s declaration form (required by some countries).
  11. Preparing an airway bill (required for air transportation)

Please note that the specific requirements may vary depending on the destination country/region. PET TRAVEL will guide you through each step of the pet immigration process, ensuring that all necessary documents, including animal health certificates, cat health certificates, or dog health certificates, are obtained accurately and efficiently.

 As evident, the process of handling pet immigration procedures is intricate and requires careful planning in advance. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the entry and exit policies of the relevant regions and countries, as well as the latest regulations and requirements from airlines and customs regarding pet travel. Our fees for pet immigration assistance are reasonable, and we strive to provide the most efficient and secure pet transportation services for your beloved companions. Our goal is to ensure that your pets have a joyful and comfortable journey, arriving at their destination safely.

PET TRAVEL·Solving Your Pet Immigration Challenges

PET TRAVEL, a Hong Kong-based pet immigration service company, has served numerous pet owners, assisting them in bringing their beloved pets to destinations worldwide. We treat pets as part of our own family and provide dedicated services to ensure a comfortable journey for them.

  • Safety Matters – Ensuring the safety and comfort of pets throughout the process of leaving Hong Kong is our mission at PET TRAVEL. Each pet receives VIP treatment with personalized travel services. We take care of pets attentively and keep owners informed of real-time updates.
  • Are Your Pet Immigration Documents Complete and Valid? PET TRAVEL ensures timely and high-quality provision of pet immigration documents for example, veterinary certificate according to the specific requirements of each destination.
  • Concerned about High Pet Immigration Assistance Fees? PET TRAVEL customizes exclusive pet immigration plans based on your needs and your pet’s situation. Our pet immigration fees are transparent, with no hidden charges.

PET TRAVEL· Your Trusted Pet Immigration Agency

As a professional pet immigration service provider, PET TRAVEL has assembled a team of expert consultants consisting of veterinary professionals specializing in pet immigration, import-export specialists, pet transportation experts, and a dedicated team for designing personalized solutions. Our team operates under strict standards while prioritizing professionalism, patience, and care. Throughout our service process, we treat each pet as a beloved family member, ensuring their journey is comfortable and secure. You can trust us with the well-being of your cherished pets. Over the years, PET TRAVEL has built warm relationships with the majority of pet owners through our professional pet immigration services, earning us an esteemed reputation in the industry.

PET TRAVEL is a specialized Hong Kong-based pet immigration service company that efficiently handles pet transportation, pet entry and exit procedures, and customs clearance in the shortest possible time, eliminating the hassle of multiple transfers. We offer customized solutions for pet entry and exit, tailoring exclusive transportation plans to meet the unique needs of each customer. With a well-established logistics network, we possess extensive knowledge of pet immigration regulations in various countries. We have formed close partnerships with leading international airlines, ensuring seamless cooperation. Backed by our experienced and skilled service team, we have successfully handled numerous pet transportation services, receiving consistent praise from pet owners. Our service is characterized by attentiveness and refined operations, alleviating your concerns and worries about pet travel.

Specialized Service Teams Ensuring Flawless Execution

Pet Immigration Veterinary Clinic: PET TRAVEL has established long-term and friendly partnerships with renowned pet immigration veterinary clinics. These professional veterinarians possess extensive quarantine experience and are well-versed in the required quarantine procedures for pet immigration. They provide health certificate for pet travel, including animal health certificate, as well as vaccination records.

Pet Transportation Team: We are familiar with the pet transportation requirements of the majority of airlines. We arrange the quickest itineraries for pets, minimizing their travel time. PET TRAVEL assigns dedicated personnel to oversee the entire transportation process, including customs clearance and boarding, aiming to provide the most comfortable and seamless travel experience for your pets. We strive to offer the most attentive service at the most affordable pet immigration cost.

Personalized One-on-One Assistance: Each pet owner receives personalized assistance from our dedicated consultants. From initial inquiries to the final procedures for pet entry and exit, PET TRAVEL assigns specific individuals to provide comprehensive tracking throughout the entire process. Pet owners receive regular and direct updates on their beloved pets’ well-being.

PET TRAVEL understands that the cost of pet immigration services is not your primary concern. Instead, we prioritize the safety, comfort, and timeliness of your pets’ journey. Every pet has unique characteristics and habits, and we treat each one with equal care and affection.

If you are unsure about how to complete the application for animal health certificate or how to obtain a pet passport, give us a call. We will care for your pet as if they were our own child. We guarantee comprehensive pet transportation services with just one phone call, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your pet to their destination. Let us handle the hassle of pet entry and exit, ensuring that your beloved companion experiences a stress-free journey.