Before The Flight

Like humans, pets are required to check in early for their flight too. Some airlines require pets to be checked in 3 hours before departure. 


Because of the high risk of choking, food will not be served on the plane. The pet is suggested to feed half its normal amount of food a few hours before departure . The pet crate can be supplied with water, but not overfilled since spillages could make your animal uncomfortable during the flight. You may attach some extra food and water to the outside of the crate in case your pet requires it during its journey and any special instructions.

Keep your pet don’t afraid with the crate

Keep the crate in a common area of your home

When your pet sees the carrier every day, it will become more familiar with its scent and sight. This will make the crate more familiar to your pet

Create a daily routine using the crate

Start feeding your pet each day inside the carrier. This will help your pet associate a happy routine with the carrier. If your pet is afraid of the carrier at first, remove the door and top half. You can put those pieces back on later as your pet gets more comfortable.

Keep toys/ bedding in the carrier

You can encourage your pet to begin going into their carrier on his/her own by including the toys and treats they like in the carrier. By putting his/her favorite blanket in the crate, your pet will also become accustomed to sleeping inside.

Practice makes perfect

Assemble the crate and allow your pet to spend at least 5-10 mins a day there.