Vaccination Record

There are different rules for pet imports in each country. The purpose of these is to prevent diseases and invasive species from spreading. Pet entering a foreign country must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies; depending on the country of origin, the owner or the person responsible for the animal must have health certificate issued by licensed veterinarian or government authority. It is a requirement in all countries for your pet to have a basic vaccination record and to proof of its good health.

The Microchipping must be done before vaccination against rabies, otherwise the vaccination shall not be deemed valid.

Your pet’s vaccination record in their pet passport or health certificate must show:

–          your pet’s date of birth

–          microchip number, date it was put in or read, and where it is on your pet’s body

–          the vaccination date

–          vaccine manufacturer and product name, for example Nobivac

–          vaccine batch number

–          date the vaccination is valid until

–          the vet’s signature and contact details

The rabies vaccination certificate must include all of the following information:

–          Name and address of owner

–          Breed, sex, date of birth (approximate age if date of birth unknown), color, markings, and other identifying information 

–          Date of rabies vaccination and vaccine product information

–          Date the vaccination expires

–          Name, license number, address, and signature of veterinarian who administered the vaccination

–          Needs proof that your pet’s at least 12 weeks old before vaccinating