Notes by Airlines

There are strict rules in the Live Animals Regulations manual from IATA. Regulations address key areas like crate specifications, restrictions at airports and airlines, and safe traveling conditions. In addition to the Live Animal Regulations (LAR), Pet Travel utilises a nationwide network of government-accredited vets to ensure all necessary blood tests and vaccinations are carried out within a tightly regulated veterinary environment to minimize any risks to your pet.

Many airlines have their own pet care facilities at their respective hubs, which can provide pet care upon arrival and during layovers.  In many aircraft, the same air is circulated through the cabin and then downstairs in the cargo area and back up again.

Check in and Customs clearance

Pets must be delivered to the airline 4 hours before the flight, so check-in times can often be early in the morning. As a result, your pet will arrive in the destination country early in the morning, so the clearance procedures for arrival can be performed within normal working hours. For some countries, the customs inspection would only available in office hours, if your pets arrive to airport out of office hours, your pet has to stay in airport for whole night. It is recommend to find flight in early morning or midnight.

On Flight

Just like passengers, pets travel in the livestock hold, which is pressurized and cooled. The animals are not monitored during the flight as they settle in better when left to sleep away from the passenger cabin’s hustle and bustle. During the flight, the lights dim to near darkness and come on in conjunction with the seatbelt lights, so if your pet is alert during takeoff or landing, he or she can sleep in a dark, cozy bed. 

Food and water

The staff recommends not feeding your pet within 4- 7 hours of check-in. While this may seem harsh, it reduces the risks of bloat, toileting in the crate, or vomiting.  Remember that your pet doesn’t have access to outside the crate, so messing in their bed tends to upset them, even puppies usually don’t do this. The water is accessible to them through a bowl with a funnel at the outside for filling without being disturbed. 

Airline Delay

The safety of your pet is our absolute highest priority. The airline does everything to make each move as comfortable and stress-free as possible, but of course, airlines can’t control the weather. If there is a delay or canceled on your flight, your pet needs to rearrange with the flight scedule.