Door-to-Door service

Moving your pet can be a stressful experience due to changing requirements with airlines and countries, but Pet Travel is skilled at keeping informed of all changes. We provide all the necessary flight information, and we will do our best to get a direct connection whenever possible. Our transportation team will ensure that each pet’s vaccinations and all international documentation requirements are in order.  Additionally, we will provide ground transportation for your pet, pick-up at the airport, and delivery to the final destination. Our highly experienced, attentive team is devoted to ensuring the safe travels of animals worldwide. Our caring team of pet transport specialists ensures a stress-free move for you and your pet by holding your hand throughout the process. We provide door-to-door transportation anywhere in the world. 

We offer 4 basic levels of service:

  1. Airport to Airport
  2. Door to Door
  3. Airport to Door
  4. Door to Airport


Airport to Airport is used when you have someone available at each end of the journey to take care of your pets. In this case you book the movement with us and we then book the flights and prepare the crates. You make the arrangements to deliver the pet(s) to the airport and collect them at the other end yourself.


Door to Door means that we collect the pets from your current address in a pet taxi, take them to the airport and lodge them on the flight. Upon arrival at the destination airport, we collect and deliver your pets to your new address in a pet taxi.


Airport to Door and Door to Airport are variations of the above when you need a pet taxi at one end but not the other.