Pet Transit in Hong Kong

Travelers from mainland China or Europe could transit from Hong Kong to other countries. The transit permit will be last for 24 hours and your pet(s) have to travel out of Hong Kong between the time limit.  Usually, travelers who want import or export their pet in Macau, it is recommend to transit their pet(s) in Hong Kong to their destination.

General Requirement for Transit:

  • Required documents of import countries
  • Transit Permit ( >3 working days)
  • Health Certificate before 14days of departure
  • Contact with the AFCD staffs 24 hours prior arrive to Hong Kong

Please complete our quotation form for the estimate of fees that may be associated with your pet’s move.  If you have further enquires, you could send us your information (Contact Us) or WhatsApp +852 6358 3131 directly.

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