Pet Relocation checklist

International pet transportation takes effort!

Depending on the country to which you are moving, your pets will face completely different requirements, restrictions, and quarantines. There are also many changing requirements between the airlines, countries, and export/import. As a general rule, we always recommend checking and planning your trip with our professional pet relocation consultants rather than following any recommendations from personal research or doing the move yourself. Contact with our pet relocation agency will help you for your pet transportation needs and to ensure a smooth trip for you and your pets. There are numerous things you have to remember to do when making an international move. For example, there are some pets and breeds that cannot fly in the cabin or cargo, you can ask with our pet relocation consultants for further information if you need help.

If you would like to relocate your pet, you must have:

  • Microchipped with 15-digits microchip

  • Rabies Vaccination (1-2 times)

  • Rabies Vaccination Booster (If your pet already has rabies vaccination)

  • Health Certificate endorsed by Government Department

  • Airlines approved travel crates (IATA approved)

  • Contact with the Airline staffs and Customs

  • Customs Clearance (Optional)

Some countries may have extra requirements
Some countries may have extra requirements:
  • Rabies Antibody Titer Test (RNNAT)
  • Import Permit
  • Booking for Quarantine Facility
  • Internal & External Parasite Treatment
  • Dog License
  • Booking for Pet Inspection
  • Veterinary Approval for pet travel
Airline Requirements
The majority of countries require the following documentation for pets travelling

  • Valid import/export permits from the relevant authority of the countries
  • Valid health certificate from a registered veterinarian, stating that the pet is free from rabies and any other disease
  • Valid vaccination record to show that the pet has received all necessary vaccinations
  • Any additional documentation or validations required by the destination country.
  • Transit permits and any other documentation required by the relevant authority of all transit countries

If you are interested in our per relocation service, you could fill out the Pet Travel Quotation Form to provide us with all the necessary information to meet your individual pet relocation and pet shipping needs. If you have further enquires, you could send us your information (Contact Us) or WhatsApp +852 6358 3131 directly.