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To meet pet import Macao requirements in bringing pets to Macao, they must have:

  • Can only be transferred in cargo
  • Tell us your plan 1.5-3 months before your planned departure
  • Microchip
  • Vaccination and Vaccination Record
  • Macao Pet Health Certificate
  • Dog license (For dogs only)
  • Import permit
  • IATA standard crate required

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Overview of Macao Pet Immigration

If you plan to bring pet to Macao, pet owners must adhere to specific requirements set by the Macao authorities. Conducting thorough research and preparation in advance can help simplify the process as much as possible.

Macao regulations state that pets entering the country must have received the latest vaccination and certificate within 10 days prior to travel, along with a health certificate filled out by an accredited veterinarian. It is also recommended (though not mandatory) for each pet to have a microchip and complete vaccination records before arrival.

When bringing pets to Macao, you will also need to provide authorized endorsements for various documents, including vaccination records and health certificates.

 If you decide to relocate your pet to Macao, there are two ways to import them:

  1. Transit from Hong Kong.
  2. Transit from mainland China.

If your pet originates from mainland China, they will need to undergo rabies antibody testing and wait for 180 days after the blood sample is taken. Additionally, your pet may require a 30-day quarantine period, and you must make a reservation at the quarantine facility one month before entering Macao.

When pet owners decide to settle in Macao, they undoubtedly want to bring their pets along. But what are the procedures for Macao pet import? The Macao government has strict requirements for pet immigration to Macao, and it is crucial for owners to familiarize themselves with the relevant procedures to save time and ensure the safety of pet transport to Macao.

In the following content, our Macao pet immigration experts at PET TRAVEL will provide you with detailed information on the requirements for pets entering Macao, including pet immigration from Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan.

Note: The requirements for pets entering Macao are divided into two categories:

1) Pets from rabies-infected areas, and

2) Pets from non-rabies-infected areas. The requirements differ depending on the origin of the pets.

Hong Kong and Taiwan are considered non-rabies-infected areas, and pet travel to Macao do not require quarantine. However, mainland China is considered a rabies-infected area, and bringing pets from mainland China to Macao requires a 30-day quarantine.

    Pet Transport Macao(from Taiwan)

    As mentioned earlier, both Hong Kong and Taiwan are considered non-rabies-infected areas, which means that pets from these regions can enter Macao without undergoing quarantine.

    Now, let’s delve into the specific procedures for taking pets to Macao. How can you handle the pet travel to Macao?

     (1) Required Documents for Pet Immigration to Macao:

    1.  Import permit
    2. Copy of identification document or copy of the trade registration certificate.
    3. Valid copies of the pet license, vaccination records, and more.
    4. Documentation issued or certified by the relevant authorities indicating that the dog has been neutered or spayed.

    (2) Considerations for Pet Import to Macao

    1.  When applying for an import permit for pet import to Macao, it is necessary to obtain the hygiene import requirements for live animals. These requirements may vary depending on the type of animal and its country of origin.
    2. The validity period of the import permit is 30 days from the date of issue.
    3. Cats and dogs brought from Hong Kong or Taiwan to Macao are subject to health quarantine upon importation.
    4. Applicants must notify the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) of the arrival time of the pet in advance to avoid delays in the quarantine process at the port of entry.
    5. Upon the pet’s arrival, the applicant must present the pet health certificate Macao.
    6. When importing animals, a valid health certificate and the original rabies antibody test report must be submitted. The pet will be released only after passing the quarantine conducted by IACM veterinarians. Failure to meet the requirements may result in the pet being detained and subject to a maximum quarantine period of six months.
    7. In addition to the import permit fee, the applicant is responsible for all expenses related to the pet’s accommodation, food, and quarantine during the detention period.
    8. Each applicant can only apply for pet relocation to Macao once every six months.
    9. Before entering Macao from Hong Kong or Taiwan, pets must have been vaccinated against rabies within one year (and no less than 30 days prior to import) and have been microchipped.

     If you are planning to bring a cat or dog from Hong Kong or Taiwan to Macao, you can refer to the procedures mentioned above.

    Procedures for Mainland China Pet Relocation to Macao

    1. To bring a pet from Mainland China to Macao, you need to fill out an import permit application form.
    2. Bring the completed import application form, proof of identity, rabies vaccination records, rabies antibody test report, and documentation indicating that the pet has been neutered or spayed to a relevant authority to submit the application.
    3. If an import permit is required (only when requested by the exporting country or transit country), you can apply for it simultaneously. The application for an import permit must be made in person at the authority.
    4. When bringing cats or dogs from Mainland China to Macao, the animal import application must be submitted at least three working days before the animal’s arrival. The application is valid for 30 days.
    5. Provide contact phone number, import date, arrival time, and flight number when submitting the import application.
    6. Once the application request is received, the relevant department will conduct the quarantine procedures at the designated time and location based on the information provided.
    7. When bringing pets from Mainland China to Macao, the importer must submit a valid health certificate and the original rabies antibody test report. The health certificate must be issued by an official veterinarian of the Chinese government, and it is valid for 10 days from the date of issue.
    8. When bringing cats or dogs from Mainland China to Macao, the pets must have been vaccinated against rabies within one year (and no less than 30 days prior to import) and have been microchipped. *According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), China is currently classified as a rabies-infected area. Therefore, for dogs and cats coming from rabies-infected areas, they must have blood samples taken by an official or officially recognized veterinarian and undergo rabies antibody titer testing. The rabies antibody test report is valid for one year from the date of blood sampling, and the animal must stay in the country of origin for at least three months after blood sampling before entering Macao. After importation, the pet only needs to undergo a one-month quarantine. Blood samples will be taken again during the quarantine period, and if the pet passes the test, it can be released. You must make a reservation for the quarantine facility one month before entering Macao.
    9. Upon arrival in Macao, pets from Mainland China will be quarantined, and the applicant must bear all expenses for accommodation, food, and quarantine during the isolation period. The daily charge for dogs/cats is calculated based on their weight and ranges from MOP 80 to MOP 150.
    10. If the submitted health certificates, rabies antibody test reports, or the health condition of the animal during the quarantine period do not meet the requirements, the pet will be detained, and the quarantine period may be extended for up to six months. The applicant will be responsible for the related costs during the extended quarantine period.
    11. Please note that the permit holder must personally handle the pet quarantine and customs clearance procedures at the port of entry to complete the process of bringing cats or dogs from Mainland China to Macao.

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