Pet Export From Hong Kong

General Requirement for Export in Hong Kong

For Pet

  • 15-digits ISO 11784/11785 microchip
  • Vaccine against rabies
  • 3-in 1/ 5 in 1 vaccination
  • Health Certificate endorsed by government
  • Internal & External parasite treatment

For Pet Owner

  • Check with Airlines and Countries the model of travel (In Cabin/ Excess Baggage/ Manifest Cargo)
  • Have all vaccination for pet after microchipped
  • Collect necessary documents from Veterinary
  • Contact and reserve the airline ticket team or airline cargo for pet
  • Take your pet for Internal & External parasite treatment 7-14 days before depart
  • Take your pet to vet clinic for the health certificate before 5-10 days of departure
  • Bring the health certificate to AFCD for endorsement
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