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Pet Travel has been relocation pets for 
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Pet Travel Guide 2024 – Traveling with pets is more meaningful

  • Pet relocation consulting
  • Pet travel safety
  • Ensuring you have an accredited veterinarian
  • Paperwork reviews
  • Airlines approved travel crates (IATA approved)
  • Kennel preparations
  • Booking of all flights and comfort stops
  • Import/export permits assistant
  • Quarantine (if required)
  • Customs clearance
  • Checking Flight delays due to weather, mechanical issues, or illness.

When your pet is about to travel, what’s the best place to pamper your pet at home? Give it to a friend or a foster care center? I still feel uneasy. Moreover, traveling happily with your loved ones is the meaning of travel, and pets are one of our closest family members. Of course, we should travel with our pets to experience an unforgettable pet trip!

Just imagine, you can take your “furry child” to run wildly in the mountains, forests, waterside, grassland, and sea of ​​flowers… Traveling with pets can not only increase the time spent with your pets, but also allow them to get closer to nature.

However, the preparation for traveling with pets requires more time and effort. Worried about the cumbersome procedures for traveling with pets? Worried about your pet’s travel safety? How can we let our babies enjoy a safe and enjoyable journey? PET TRAVEL, a pet travel company, understands the worries of pet owners. We provide one-stop pet travel services specifically for you who like to travel and care for your pets, so that you can save time and effort when traveling with your pets.

What are the procedures and precautions for traveling with pets? How much does it cost to travel with a pet? PET TRAVEL, a pet travel agency, tailors pet travel projects for you to help you travel with your pets easily!

2024 will be a great time for pet travel. As more countries and cities realize the importance of pet travel, more pet-friendly travel destinations and services are expected to emerge in 2024. Popular destinations for pet travel in 2024 may include pet-friendly countries such as Japan, Thailand, and Australia, as well as some European cities such as Paris and Berlin.

Another trend in pet travel 2024 is the rise of customized services. Many pet travel companies will offer tailor-made itineraries and services to meet the needs of different pets and owners. This may include specialized pet-friendly accommodation, pet restaurants, pet spas, etc. The destinations and services of pet tourism in 2024 will be more diverse, providing more choices for pets and owners.

With the popularity of pet travel, more innovative pet travel products and services will appear in 2024. This could include pet trackers, smart pet backpacks, pet travel insurance, and more. These products and services will make pet travel safer, more convenient and more fun. Another trend in pet travel 2024 is sustainability and environmental protection. Many pet travel companies will take steps to reduce their impact on the environment, such as using biodegradable pet supplies and supporting local communities.

Overall, 2024 will be an exciting year for pet travel, offering more travel opportunities and options for pets and owners. Whether exploring new destinations or enjoying customized services, pet travel will become a highlight in 2024. With the emergence of innovative products and services and the popularization of the concept of sustainable development, Pet Travel 2024 will bring pets and owners a safer, more convenient, fun and environmentally friendly travel experience.

Pet Travel 2024 Strategy – the process of traveling with pets

Pet travel is popular in Hong Kong. “Pet travel” is no different from human travel. Owners must prepare all aspects of the “furry child”‘s “food, clothing, housing, and transportation” in advance to ensure that traveling with their pet is trouble-free. In the following, professional pet travel agency PET TRAVELDedicate pet travel 2024This guide will introduce you to the process and procedures of traveling with pets to help pet lovers travel with their pets smoothly.

implant and scan ISOchip

Get anti-rabies vaccine &five-in-one /Three-in-one vaccine &Other necessary vaccines

Provide vaccination record (needle card)

Apply for import license

Apply for a dog license

Get an official health certificate +Government endorsement

Necessary medical treatment for pets before traveling &examine

Conduct blood tests and inspections (and go to the fishery and conservation office to get a signature)

Book a flight or private jet service

– Prepare an IATA approved aircraft cage

If you want to travel with your pet, pet owners should prepare a “traveling with pets strategy” in advance, such as choosing pet-friendly restaurants, hotels and transportation methods in the destination. Learn about local pet clinics for emergencies that may arise while your pet is traveling, and more.

It can be seen that although traveling with pets is a joy worth looking forward to, the preliminary preparation procedures are quite cumbersome and take weeks or even months, and every link must not be missed.

Afraid of trouble? Afraid of making mistakes? Worried about affecting your journey? You need the assistance of PET TRAVEL, a professional pet travel company. We can save you a lot of time and energy, handle all pet travel procedures for you at reasonable pet travel prices, and provide comprehensive pet travel guidance and advice, striving to help every pet lover take their pets smoothly and safely. Go travel.

Pet Travel Company PET TRAVEL——A trustworthy pet travel expert

Pet travel in Hong Kong has become a new trend. Instead of wasting energy on handling pet travel procedures in person, it is better to leave it to a professional pet travel agency PET TRAVELWe handle this for you to avoid risks and ensure a trouble-free trip. PET TRAVELWe are a professional, considerate and cost-effective Hong Kong pet travel company that can complete pet consignment, pet export, pet import and customs clearance procedures in the shortest possible time, eliminating the cumbersome secondary transfer process. PET TRAVELThe service standards are legal and strictly implemented in accordance with the pet travel regulations and standards of each region. It is a “good helper” for you to travel with your pet.


Caring for pets every step of the way
Treat customers’ pets as your own
is the cornerstone of our business success


“Customer satisfaction, pet satisfaction”
Pet Travel As a reputable brand ,
There are no additional hidden charges to protect the rights of guests.

Professional team

Established since 2018, the professional team has been Provide the highest quality and most considerate pet immigration services to our guests’ pets.

Pet travel agency Pet TravelWe can help you with the following pet travel matters, the best way to plan your pet trip:

We are working on:

  • Pet immigration consultation
  • Safe and comfortable travel for pets
  • Make sure you have a qualified veterinarian and veterinary certificate
  • Check all necessary documents
  • Prepare IATA approved pet aircraft cage
  • Pet hotel preparation
  • Book a pet flight
  • Apply for import and export licenses
  • Book quarantine (if required)
  • Pet customs clearance
  • Check all relevant flight information
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Suggestions for travel destinations with pets

Explore "pet-friendly countries" in Asia, Europe and North America. Except Japan and Taiwan, which require at least 7.5 months of preparation, the rest require at least 2.5 months of preparation. 




South Korea


Maldives (cats only)





Jersey Administrative Region



















North America:

Canada (minimum 2.5 months preparation time)


United States (minimum 2.5 months preparation time)




Virgin Islands

Special Note:

*According to the import policy of the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, pets must undergo quarantine after entering Hong Kong from the following countries/ areas, so we It is not recommended to travel to the following areas with pets. The details of the area (number of quarantine days) are as follows:

China (120 days)

Macau (120 days)

Thailand (120 days)

Vietnam (120 days)

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*In addition, some countries / regions also have entry quarantine requirements. When pets arrive in these countries, they need to be quarantined, so we do not recommend taking travel pets to the following areas, and the details of the regions (number of quarantine days) are as follows :

Mauritius (5 days)

Australia (10 days)

New Zealand (10 days)

Fiji (30 days)

Cayman Islands (120 days)

Guam (120 days)

When traveling with pets, we understand that most pet owners do not want to be separated from their traveling pets, so pets must travel to and from travel locations and do not need to be quarantined. Please choose the destination of your pet tour group carefully. Welcome to contact Pet Travel to customize a pet travel project to avoid various risks of traveling with pets.

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Service advantages of pet travel agency PET TRAVEL

Careful: Treat your pet like your own child

Hong Kong Pet Travel Company PET TRAVEL has served countless pet owners and helped them travel with their pets smoothly. Every one of our employees is caring, familiar with pets’ habits, and understands the mood of pet owners. Every pet can enjoy VIP dedicated one-on-one pet travel customization service. We will treat your pet as our own child, serve with heart, take good care of it, and report real-time conditions to the owner at any time. , striving to make pet travel more efficient, safe and comfortable.

Experienced: friendly cooperation with well-known veterinary clinics, government departments, and airline ticketing companies

As a professional pet travel agency, Pet Travel has achieved good cooperation with well-known veterinary clinics, pet shipping experts, and government departments. It has a strong team, is standardized and legal, and is familiar with the pet travel business. Pet Travel has a mature logistics network system and has established close cooperative relationships with many world-class airlines.

After years of experience accumulation, Pet Travel has won numerous reputations and the company’s reputation is firmly among the best in the industry. With our excellent service, we have received constant praise from our pet owners and have established cordial friendships with most of them.

High cost performance: pet travel prices are transparent and there are no hidden charges

The pet travel company Pet Travel implements a one-time charge. The pet travel price & will be informed to customers in advance during the “Quotation” link, and there will be no hidden charges. There will never be “charges based on steps”. Pet Travel aims to operate in a long-term and sound manner, striving to provide every pet owner with the most cost-effective pet travel services in Hong Kong.

Private jet service: owners and pets can travel on the same flight

Pet Travel, a pet travel company with complete professional certificates, can provide you with a unique “private jet service”, organize pet travel groups, and customize pet travel projects, allowing pet owners and pets to travel together on the same flight without any separation or separation. Separate and enjoy luxurious in-flight services to create extraordinary memories for you and your pet.

Want to travel with your pet? Pet travel2024 starts now! As a professional and considerate pet travel company, Pet Travel focuses on providing excellent pet travel services, organizing pet travel groups, and planning exclusive pet travel projects for you.

Pet travel is reasonably priced and the service is attentive and responsible to ensure that you and your pet have a safe and enjoyable travel experience. Want to travel with your pet? Contact us now to join a pet tour group or travel independently with your pet, embark on a wonderful pet journey, and create an unforgettable travel experience with your pet!

If you are interested in using our services, you can fill in our Quote Application Form provides us with relevant pet travel information. If you have further inquiries or questions, you can send your information to us (Contact Us) Or directly WhatsApp +852 6358 3131to find our professional consultants.