How to Choose Your pet crate?

What is a suitable crate?

Airlines require a properly sized pet container that is IATA-compliant in order to transport pets. It MUST be possible for them to stand up without touching the top of the crate, sit down, and turn around comfortably in the container. Outside the container, the pet should not be taller or longer than the container. It is also prohibited to have an overly large crate. We offer airline-compliant pet crates in a variety of sizes at competitive prices. These crates are specially designed for air travel.

What is the appropriate size and type of crates?

In addition to ensuring your pet’s comfort, determining the right size and type of pet crate reduces the likelihood of the airline refusing your pet’s crate because of size/type inadequacies. A pet crate must comply with these requirements before being allowed to fly. If the airline personnel is not satisfied with the kennel, they may refuse the shipment.  Using this method, we ensure the highest level of accuracy by measuring your pet multiple times.

Do not buy a small crate!

In addition to being dangerous, your pet must not be forced to travel in an inadequate crate in accordance with airline regulations. The airline will ensure that the size of the crate is appropriate for your pet at the airport. They will refuse your pet travel if the crate is too small. It is extremely important that you have the correct size travel kennel for your pet and that it meets the current IATA regulations. If you already have your own pet container for your pet, we will be able to advise whether or not it is suitable for travel.

Advice for Pet Crate
  • Prepare an appropriate container (not wooden cage, foldable cage) for your pet.
  • Affix an open water container inside the container.
  • Ensure that your pet can stand, turn and lie down in a natural manner in the container.
  • Check that there is enough ventilation space, i.e., unblocked ventilation openings on at least three sides, with the majority of the ventilation space being sited at the top of the container.
  • Fix feeding and watering instructions to the container (if any). Food and water, and ensure that they are easily accessible from outside the container.
  • Place absorbent bedding on the floor of the container such as cloth or blanket.

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