Special Requirement from Airlines

Rules by Airline

You confirm that you are reviewed the information provided by airlines, including animal acceptance policies and have prepared your pet for travel in accordance with those policies.

You confirm that a licensed veterinarian has certified your animal is healthy to fly as agreed and have acquired a valid health certificate for your pet dated within advised number of days before travel (if required)

It is your responsibility to determine whether an animal is suitable to travel. You further confirm that you are not aware of any reason that the animal should not undertake in the intended journey.

You accept the risk factors listed and understand that they are not comprehensive and that animal air transportation has inherent risks, including an increased risk of mortality and that environmental conditions may have a significant effect on the health and well-being of your pet

You will comply with all applicable laws and regulations which govern the transportation of pets, including importation and exportation laws

You will ensure that the pet’s crate complies with all regulatory requirements and requirements of the airline

You understand the airline has the right to deny travel if your pet demonstrates aggressive behavior or is otherwise deemed to be a travel risk.

  • Pets can only be booked through professional pet shippers on some airlines. 
  • Some airlines and/or countries will not accept pets as excess baggage traveling with their owner. 
  • Some airlines will not accept certain breeds/types of pets (Snub-nosed breeds, Fighting/banned breeds).  

Breeds may restricted by airlines (Dogs)


American Staffordshire Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boxer (all breeds)

Brussels Griffon

Bulldog (all breeds)

Cane Corso

Chow Chow

Dogue De Bordeaux

English Toy Spaniel

Japanese Chin

Lhasa Apso

Mastiff (all breeds)


Pit Bull

Presa Canario

Pug (all breeds)

Shar Pei

Shih Tzu

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Tibetan Spaniel


Breeds may restricted by airlines (Cats)




Exotic Shorthair

British Shorthair

Scottish Fold

Snub-nosed breeds

Snub nosed dogs (pure breeds) may not accepted:

  • All Bulldogs
  • Pugs
  • Pekingese

Snub-nosed breed of dogs and cats are particularly sensitive to temperatures and transport stress. You pet could suffer health problems or even die during the journey. For this reason, airline would exclude these breeds from transport in the cargo hold. Besides, Snub-nosed breed pet need to have one size larger IATA pet crate to keep sufficient air flow during their flight.