Basic Pet Relocation Charges

Fee Schedule

Every move is different, and the cost is based on how much we move and what we do. Based on the pet owner’s needs, we will charge a base professional fee for our time, in addition to individual components of the move. As a minimum, we will book the flight and complete the airline documents, review your pet documents, meet you at the airport or pick up your pet(s) from a specified location, hand the pet over to the airline, and pay the airline fees. We are responsible for all aspects of travel, according to the airline.

Pet moves overseas may require extensive veterinary care or special endorsements from the government involved. Please let us know if you need assistance getting any special documentation necessary for international transportation. Pets will not be shipped until all the necessary requirements have been met. 

Pet Relocation Fee Short-haul flight  Long-haul flight 
Airline charge (Cabin/ Checked Baggage) *  Start with $2200  Start with $2500
Airline charge (Manifest Cargo) *  Start with $25000  Start with $31000
Airline Surcharge*  Start with $1800  Start with $1800
ISO Microchip $300 $300
Vaccination Fee*  Start with $2000  Start with $2000
RNAT Test* $3000 $3000
Health Certificate  $1500 $1500
Import Documents  Start with $1200  Start with $1400
Import Permit & Application Fee* Confirm with our consultants
Export Documents   Start with $800  Start with $800
Booking & Communicate Fee Confirm with our consultants
Service Charge  Confirm with our consultants

* Need to Confirm with Airlines since freight cost change monthly.

* Airline Surcharge include terminal charge, fuel charge, security charge and other handling expenses.

* Vaccination include Rabies Vaccination, 3 in 1 Vaccine / 5 in 1 Vaccine

* Not all the countries requires pet with RNAT test and Import permit

Freight Costs of the Airline (the pet’s “ticket”):

Costs vary from airline to airline. Many things are taken into account when the airlines estimate these costs, including the size and weight of the pet, the dimensions of the pet crate, the route, and any special services. Most people are surprised to learn that their pet’s “ticket” is much more costly than their own. Fees for international flight charges can only be finalized once an airline confirms them.

Our first estimate will be based on the questions and answers received on the estimate form, based on what we think it will cost (Valid for 30 days). Actual fees will be determined after a service agreement is signed, and may vary from the original estimate due to changes in pet shipping plans, services not originally requested, tests or vaccines required for transport, etc. A final invoice is determined upon receipt of our forms to start a file for the move so the pet owner knows exactly what final costs will be incurred. 

Moreover, since airlines and the rules and regulations of countries are subject to change without notice, Pet Travel reserves the right to update an estimate or invoice if the fees of these areas were to change without our knowledge, as well as for changes to the currency exchange rate.

Please complete our quotation form for the estimate of fees that may be associated with your pet’s move.  If you have further enquires, you could send us your information (Contact Us) or WhatsApp +852 6358 3131 directly.