Pet Health Certificate

What is a Pet Health Certificate?

Basically, your pet’s health certificate shows that it is in good health to travel and has no infections or diseases that could affect other animals or humans. Additionally, it should contain information about the vaccinations and treatments that your pet has received, including the type, manufacturer, and batch number. In order to take your dog or cat on an overseas trip, a health certificate is necessary documentation you need to have with your pet. A health certificate is a very comprehensive process and varies on the country,  there are certain steps to follow.

  1. Learn about the requirements of the country you will be taking your pet to.
  2. Make contact with the country of destination to confirm these requirements
  3. Check with the airline for additional requirements
  4. Bring your pet for vaccination and prepare for the necessary documents
  5. Get an official health certificate by your vet and bring it to endorsement before 10 days to travel

A health certificate is required and must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 7-10 days of transport and must include:

  • Your pet’s microchip number
  • Your pet’s tapeworm treatment (If Yes)
  • Your pet’s rabies vaccination, detailing;
  • Manufacturer and name of vaccines
  • Vaccination date
  • Expiry date
  • Veterinary authorization
  • Rabies blood test (where applicable)

    To export your pet from Hong Kong, you could have an official Animal Health Certificate or Government Veterinary Officer’s endorsement on health certificates issued by the registered veterinary surgeons. Countries have different requirements, including vaccinations and when they should be taken. It is important to begin the process as soon as possible in order to get all the import and export documents in time for the trip. 

    How To Apply
    • An application must be submitted on the Animal Health Certificate pdf e-Form . Downloading of the forms for viewing and printing can be done through the use of the Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader software which is available free at the Adobe Systems Incorporated website.

    • Fees must be paid at the time of application. Fees are charged in accordance with the Fees Schedule.

    • To apply for the official endorsement of an animal health certificate, please get prepared the completed animal health certificate (normally issued within 10 days of departure, or as specified by the destination country/place), vaccination records, or other related documents.

    • The issue of an official animal health certificate only applies to specific animals or countries/places which the importing country specifically requires official veterinary examination. Health inspection on the animal must be made by a government veterinary officer before the issue.

    • Regarding the application for the issue of an animal health certificate, appointment must be made at least 10 working days prior to the expected date of inspection. 

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