Import cat to Hong Kong – typical requirements for taking cat to Hong Kong

Overall Overview:

All animals must be transported to Hong Kong from the exporting country/region via the fastest and most direct route. Animals must be transported as air cargo; they are not allowed as carry-on or checked baggage (pet transport to Hong Kong).

– Animals must be transported in accordance with the current International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations for live animals (with appropriate labeling).

– Pregnant cats and dogs of 4 weeks or more are not allowed for import.

– Pets must be implanted with a microchip that complies with the requirements of the Hong Kong government.

– Compliance with the required vaccination records by the Hong Kong government.

– Pets from the first and second group of countries do not require quarantine, while pets from the third group of countries need to undergo a 120-day quarantine period. The application for quarantine center placement takes approximately one year.

All incoming pets are categorized into three groups: pets from the first group, pets from the second group, and pets from the third group of countries. Each group has different entry requirements.

If you are planning to relocate to Hong Kong and find yourself overwhelmed and unable to handle the matters related to cat immigration to Hong Kong, PET TRAVEL, a pet immigration company specializing in hong kong cat import, can assist you in handling the pet immigration procedures, making it easier for you to bring your cat to Hong Kong.

As Hong Kong is a rabies-controlled area, the requirements for cats entering Hong Kong, also known as hong kong cat immigration, are more stringent. Below, PET TRAVEL presents the latest regulations for cats entering Hong Kong, along with a detailed guide on the procedures for you moving cat to Hong Kong, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free hong kong cat import process.

Which country/region is your pet from?

Before bringing cat to Hong Kong, it is crucial to determine the country or region your beloved pet originates from, as this determines whether your pet will require quarantine. Additionally, different regions of origin have varying entry quarantine requirements for pets. The Hong Kong government categorizes the source of animal imports into three groups:

Group 1 countries (cats can enter at 2 months old): Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Jersey. If your cat is from one of these countries, as long as you strictly adhere to all the terms of the Hong Kong pet import permit, vaccinate your pet, and implant a microchip, Once all the necessary procedures are successfully completed, pets arriving in hong kong are not subjected to cat quarantine hong kong requirements., allowing you to smoothly bring your cat back to Hong Kong.

Group 2 countries (cats can enter at 5 months old): Austria, Bahrain, Bermuda, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Guam, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Vanuatu, Bahamas, Belgium, Brunei, Cayman Islands, Denmark, France, Gibraltar, Iceland, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Portugal, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Netherlands, United States (mainland), and British Virgin Islands. If your cat is from one of these countries, as long as you strictly adhere to all the terms of the Hong Kong import permit, vaccinate your pet, and implant a microchip, there is no need for entry quarantine when bringing your cat back to Hong Kong.

Group 3 countries (all countries not in Group 1 or Group 2): Popular countries in the third group for immigration include Mainland China, Macau, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. If your cat import hong kong from one of these countries, it must undergo a 120-day quarantine upon entering Hong Kong. The cost of cat entry quarantine is HK$46.00 per day per cat (totaling HK$5,520). Note that there is limited availability of quarantine facilities for pets in Hong Kong, and even with advanced booking, there is currently a wait time of approximately 5-7 months to secure a suitable facility for quarantine.

Important Considerations for Hong Kong Cat Import procedures

  • Vaccination Records: Animals entering Hong Kong must have vaccination records that meet the requirements set by the Hong Kong government.
  • Microchip Implantation: All pets being transported to Hong Kong must have a microchip implanted that complies with the government’s regulations.
  • Hong Kong Animal Health Certificate: The certificate must contain the necessary information as specified in the terms of the import permit.
  • Obtaining Import Permit: Prior to bringing a cat to Hong Kong, it is necessary to obtain a special permit issued by the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department. The application for this special permit must be submitted in person in Hong Kong. If assistance is needed, please contact PET TRAVEL.
  • Cat Immigration via Cargo: Cats must enter Hong Kong as cargo; they are not allowed in the cabin or considered as special baggage.
  • Importing/Transiting Bengal Cats: If you intend to import or transit a Bengal cat to Hong Kong, documentation is required to prove that the cat has a pedigree of five generations or more. For inquiries regarding the importability of specific cat breeds, please contact PET TRAVEL.

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  • Assisting you with the customs clearance procedures at the destination in Hong Kong.
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General requirements for bring cat to Hong Kong
  • Animal Health Certificate
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • Vaccination Records: Complete records of the pet’s vaccination history
Import county classification list
Group I Group II Group III
Australia Austria Bahamas Other Countries / Places which are not included in the categories of Group I and Group II
Fiji Bahrain Belgium
Hawaii Bermuda Brunei
Ireland Canada Cayman Island
Japan Cyprus Denmark
New Zealand Finland France
United Kingdom Germany Gibraltar
Bailiwick of Jersey Guam Iceland
Italy Jamaica
Luxembourg Maldives
Malta Mauritius
Norway New Caledonia
Papua New Guinea Portugal
Seychelles Singapore
Solomon Islands South Africa
Spain Sweden
Switzerland The Netherlands
Taiwan USA (Continental)
Vanuatu Virgin Islands
Accordion Panel
  • You must wait for a period of 30 days after the initial vaccination (or the last primary vaccination) before bringing your pet from countries/regions listed under Group 1 or Group 2 to Hong Kong. The initial vaccination refers to the first vaccination administered after the pet has been microchipped. Additionally, your pet should receive vaccinations no less than 14 days and no more than 1 year prior to exportation to Hong Kong.

For dogs:

  • Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, and Canine Parvovirus.

For cats:

  • Feline Panleukopenia (Infectious Enteritis) and Feline Respiratory Diseases, including Complex (Cat Flu).

Next, you’ll need to arrange transportation for importing the animal and prepare for the issuance of an Animal Health Certificate and Import Permit no more than 14 days before exportation. You’ll need to submit copies of the documents to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department’s Airport Office for verification. Finally, you are required to notify the duty officer of the Import and Export Group at least 24 hours before the expected time of arrival.

When traveling from countries/regions not listed

For dogs and cats imported from countries/regions in the third group, the following requirements apply:

  1.  Microchip implantation: Your pet must be microchipped.
  2. Rabies vaccination certificate: Your pet must have a valid certificate for rabies vaccination.
  3. Vaccination certificate: Your pet must have a vaccination certificate for other required vaccinations.
  4. Animals must undergo a minimum of 120 days of quarantine at an animal management center in Hong Kong.