New Zealand cat import – moving cat to New Zealand with Pet Travel

New Zealand is a non-rabies country with strict requirements for pets entering the country. Pet migration to New Zealand is a huge system engineering project. If you are interested in taking your cat to New Zealand, you need to go through the tedious process of New Zealand cat migration. The process is lengthy and complicated, making it one of the most challenging pet migration processes.

If you want to save time and energy and quickly complete the procedures for your cat’s migration to New Zealand, you need the assistance of a New Zealand cat import expert! PET TRAVEL, a pet migration center, can provide you with information on the price and process of cat migration to New Zealand. How to take your cat to New Zealand with the least amount of expense and the most convenient way? Which is the best border for cat migration to New Zealand? You can find answers to all your questions in the following text. If you are looking for information on travel with cat to New Zealand, PET TRAVEL can assist you with their expertise in pet migration.

General requirements when planning to travel with cat to New Zealand, such as:

  • Can only be transferred when being a cargo
  • Tell us your plan 5-6 months before your planned departure
  • Microchipping for cat migration to New Zealand
  • Vaccination and Vaccination Record
  • IATA standard crate required
  • Official New Zealand Animal Health Certificate
  • Other treatments
  • blood test
  • cat quarantine New Zealand—Reserve quarantine facilities (10days)

If you are bringing cat to New Zealand from Hong Kong, you must plan ahead, vaccinate your cat according to regulations, and complete the necessary documents for importing a cat to New Zealand. PET TRAVEL, a professional pet migration and travel agency, can assist you in obtaining the required documents for importing your cat to New Zealand, making it a smooth process.

If you are interested in using our services, you can fill out our quote request form, provide us with information about your pet’s travel, and we will assist you in developing an immigration plan for your cat to New Zealand. If you have further questions or concerns, you can send us a message (contact us) or directly WhatsApp us at +852 6358 3131 to consult with our professional consultants about the procedures to import cat to New Zealand.

    Important considerations for cat immigration to New Zealand

    If you plan to bring cat to New Zealand from Hong Kong, you need to inform PET TRAVEL’s pet migration experts at least 4.5 months before departure to start the New Zealand cat import process. You also need to contact the airline in advance to apply for pet transportation in the cargo hold with oxygen. Most direct flights to New Zealand only accept cats transported in the cargo hold with oxygen, not in the cabin. If your budget allows, you can also choose to travel with cat to New Zealand by private jet.

    If you plan on taking cat to New Zealand, you need to implant a New Zealand cat migration microchip, vaccinate your cat, and apply for a pet import permit from New Zealand Customs before departure.

    Prior to departure, take your cat to a veterinary clinic for a pre-flight checkup, provide a pet health certificate, and arrange for any necessary treatments. You also need to bring these documents to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department for endorsement (takes one to two working days).

    Once all the required documents for cat migration to New Zealand are ready, on the day of departure, you need to deliver your cat to the airline and complete the boarding procedures for cat migration from Hong Kong to New Zealand. Upon arrival in New Zealand, your cat will undergo an import inspection and be quarantined for 10 days as per the cat quarantine regulations in New Zealand.

    Why should you choose PET TRAVEL to import cat to New Zealand?

    1.Travel with cat to New Zealand with simplified procedures

    PET TRAVEL is a professional pet migration agency with extensive experience and a expert of cat import New Zealand. We have established good cooperation with most airlines and related quarantine agencies, which facilitates the development of cat migration business to New Zealand and saves you time and effort by simplifying the application process. If you plan to bring your cat travel to New Zealand, PET TRAVEL can handle all the necessary procedures for you. You only need to provide your passport and basic information of your pet, and we will take care of the rest, including pet import and export, flight booking, and customs clearance at the destination.

     2.The processing time for cat migration to New Zealand is shorter

    By using PET TRAVEL as your pet migration agent, the overall processing time is faster. For example, it only takes 4-6 months to migrate to New Zealand (usually it takes 6-8 months), and owners and pets are separated for a maximum of about one month.

     3.Customized Pet Immigration Plans

    PET TRAVEL can provide clear guidance on pet immigration data and procedures for various countries. We offer one-on-one travel guidance plans for pets based on each client and pet’s specific situation. We plan the best travel route for you to import cat to New Zealand, select suitable pet transport luggage, and choose appropriate temperature environments to ensure your beloved pet enjoys the transportation process.”

     4.Safe, Compliant, and Reliable

    PET TRAVEL’s professional pet migration team consists of licensed veterinarians, pet transport experts, and import/export specialists who provide one-on-one, personalized service throughout the entire process. Our team ensures that every step of your cat’s journey to New Zealand is secure and reliable. Our licensed veterinarians have extensive quarantine experience and are familiar with all the required quarantine procedures for pet migration.

    We provide timely updates to our clients about their pet’s migration progress and the latest developments in the process, allowing you to save time and bring your cat to New Zealand smoothly. If you are looking to bring an older cat to New Zealand, you can choose to have your cat transported via a private cat plane migration service, which PET TRAVEL can facilitate. With our professional cat migration services, you can trust us to take care of your beloved cat and provide a stress-free and reliable migration experience.

    5.Transparent pricing for worry-free service

    Pet Travel provides customers with a clear breakdown of the cost, fees, and procedures for cat immigration to New Zealand, with no hidden charges. Want to know the minimum cost of bringing a cat to New Zealand? Can you bring an older cat to immigrate to New Zealand? For all inquiries about cat immigration to New Zealand, PET TRAVEL is here to assist you. We believe our professional services will satisfy your needs.