What is the process for bringing dog to Germany?

If you are planning to bring dog to Germany but don’t know where to start, I hope this guide can help you.

General requirements for dog immigration to Germany, such as:

  • Tell us your plan 1.5-3 months before the planned departure date
  • Microchip
  • Vaccination and Vaccination Record
  • Germany pet health certificate
  • Other treatment
  • Dog license
  • IATA-standard crates required

If you are interested in using our services, you can fill out our quote request form and provide us with relevant pet travel information to assist with arranging your dog’s immigration and relocation to Germany. If you have further inquiries or questions, you can send us your information or directly reach out to our professional consultant via WhatsApp at +852 6358 3131 for assistance in bringing your dog to Germany.

Important notes for procedures to import dog to Germany

If you plan to travel to Germany with dog, it is recommended to notify the pet immigration experts at PET TRAVEL at least 1.5 months before departure to handle the necessary procedures to import dog to Germany. It is also important to contact the airline in advance to arrange booking for a pet cabin and prepare an airline crate. Please note that direct flights to Germany only accept dogs transported in the cargo, and dogs are not allowed in the passenger cabin. If you intend to bring an older dog travel to Germany, and if your budget allows, you may consider using a private jet for the immigration.

Before bringing your dog to Germany, it is necessary to implant a microchip, administer vaccinations, and inform the animal quarantine authorities. Prior to departure, a pre-flight examination at a veterinary clinic is required to obtain a pet health certificate and arrange for any necessary treatments.

Once all the required documents for dog import Germany are prepared, you can check-in your dog with the airline on the day of departure, and then you and your dog travel to Germany (please ensure not to feed your pet too much on the day of departure).

Note: No dog quarantine Germany when all the requirements are met satisfactory.

PET TRAVEL –Professional services in Germany dog import

The process of Germany dog import can be complex and cumbersome. If you plan to bring your dog from Hong Kong to Germany, it is important to plan ahead. PET TRAVEL has extensive experience in handling pet immigration and is familiar with the pet immigration requirements in Germany, as well as the latest regulations from airlines and customs regarding pet entry and exit. Our professional pet immigration experts will assist you throughout the process of immigrating your dog to Germany. There is no need to worry about which option is the best for taking dog to Germany because PET TRAVEL is your best choice. We are caretakers for your pets, providing attentive care, and we are also their bodyguards, ensuring their journey is safe and secure.

PET TRAVEL will provide clear information in advance regarding the pricing and fees for moving dog to Germany such as the cost of flying a dog to Germany. You can confidently entrust the immigration affairs of your dog to PET TRAVEL. Our professional team will handle the necessary procedures in chronological order, arrange for your dog to receive required vaccinations and microchip implantation for dog import Germany. PET TRAVEL will make advance reservations for the Hong Kong-Germany flight for your beloved pet, handle the necessary documents, obtain import and export permits if neccesary, and take care of destination customs clearance and other necessary documents for dog immigration to Germany.

PET TRAVEL offers customized pet transportation solutions, tailoring exclusive pet transportation plans according to each customer’s specific needs. If you require the immigration of an older dog to Germany, we can provide pet pick-up and drop-off services and arrange for private jet for dog travel to Germany.

Travel to Germany with dog – pricing and fees

The pricing and fees on travel to Germany with dog through PET TRAVEL are reasonable. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality pet immigration service. If you want your dog travel to Germany, PET TRAVEL will handle all the processes of Germany dog import, relieving you of any worries and ensuring a smooth immigration process for your beloved dog.